Jon Parrish was born in Hammond, Indiana and attended Hammond High School. After graduating from Franklin College, he worked as a Teacher’s Assistant in his hometown before moving to Japan to teach English (and pay off his student loans). During that time, he managed to complete his first comic book series, Secrets & Shadows. He followed that up in 2013 with his second series, Clusterf@#k which would go on to be published by Alterna Comics and see print in 2016. He also worked on a collection of short comics called Career Criminals and two one-shots, Someday and Con-Troll. He has also done freelance work writing scripts for the comic Salty Roos and a short story for the upcoming horror anthology Tales from the Cryptic Closet 2 from Guerrilla Publishing.

He is currently working on a third series, Mega Centurions: Mega No More.

Email: jon.parrish1985@gmail.com
Twitter: jonhparrish

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