Jon Parrish was born in Hammond, Indiana. After graduating from Franklin College, he worked as a Teacher’s Assistant in his hometown before moving to Japan to teach English (and pay off his student loans). During that time, he managed to complete his first comic book series, Secrets & Shadows. He followed that up with his second series, Clusterf@#k (Published by Alterna Comics).

Twitter: jon_h_parrish


Secrets & Shadows is a story that takes place in Haven City, a city filled with cape wearing, crime fighting heroes. The story focuses on Joseph Shaw, the son of the hero Black Sun. Joseph has struggled to live an average quiet life, but people and events from his past are making his dream somewhat difficult. At the same time, a new villain has arrived and is violently dispatching of heroes in the city. Who is this person? What is his or her issue with the seemingly heroic Paragon Society? No one knows, but one thing is for sure, things may not be as they seem.

Written By: Jon Parrish
Art By: Marco Roblin (Chapter 1) & Dexter Wee (Chapter 2 – 6)
Lettered By: Kel Nuttall
Colors By: Kote Carvajal (and here)
Edited By: Steven Forbes (and here to see him in action).

Covers By: Dexter Wee
Colored By: Jeremy Colwell

Chapter 1

Job Security is a nine page short about a former mercenary doing a job interview.

Written By: Jon Parrish
Art By: Dexter Wee
Lettered By: Kel Nuttall
Colored By: Kote Carvajal
Edited By: Steven Forbes

Job Security_Page_1

Clusterf@#k is a six issue series about two private investigators who find themselves being chased by a secret government agency over an artifact that they may or may not even have. It has elements from buddy cop films, anime, and adult swim cartoons (Boondocks, Black Dynamite). It was published digitally by Alterna Comics and the printed trade paperback came out in 2016 after a successful Kickstarter campaign. Available on Comixology, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and your local comic shop.

Written By: Jon Parrish
Art By: Diego Toro
Colored By: Kote Carvajal
Lettered By: Nic J Shaw
Edited By: Steven Forbes


Someday is an autobiographical one-shot about myself, my father, and Japan.

Written By: Jon Parrish
Art & Colors By: Kevin Bandt
Lettered By: Kel Nuttall
Edited By: Steven Forbes

Someday Cover

Professionalism is a short about two hitmen who are in the middle of a job when one of their phones go off. Hilarity ensues.

Written By: Jon Parrish
Art By: Eduardo Jimenez
Lettered by: Nic J. Shaw


ConTroll is a one shot about when a superhero meets his biggest troll at a convention. It follows two security guards who try to handle the chaos that ensued. ConTroll was eventually translated into Spanish and published in Chile by Ariete Producciones.

Written by: Jon Parrish
Art by: Diego Toro
Colored by: Kote Carvajal
Lettered by: Cristian Docolomansky
Edited by: Steven Forbes