Backstory: I actually first applied for the position in Japan a year prior during my Senior year. The interview was a bit nerve wracking and I remember the people in charge telling me they would let me know as soon as they made their decision. Two weeks later, one of the other candidates (applicants?) makes a post saying he was accepted for the position. They didn’t even let me know until a full month later. I was crushed.

I remember graduating and ending up working a job that, to be honest, I didn’t enjoy. I didn’t hate the job itself, but some of my co-workers made it difficult to looks forward to being there. Luckily one of my friends was watching out for me and send me an e-mail telling me that they were accepting alumni for the Japan position. At the time, I was doubting my abilities so I was hesitant to apply. Eventually, I stopped being a wimp and applied. It turns out the job I had made me much more appealing this time around and I received the news sometime around my birthday. It was a great feeling and I was very happy to leave the job I was working at.

Just a little aside. Back to the regularly scheduled program.