Ouch! That’s got to hurt.

Well, I have some more comics to recommend from my visit to C2E2. Here’s another one.

SkullKickers: I was already a big fan of the writer Jim Zubkavich’s blog that gave advice to writers and aspiring creators about the reality of working in comics, but I had never gotten a chance to read Skull Kickers. Luckily, they began putting the comic online for free. The D&D-inspired action adventure was engrossing and hilarious. The characters are likable (thought they shouldn’t be) and the world has a remarkable depth and allows you to suspend disbelief. Fat werewolves, zombies, demons, nothing seems out of the ordinary. The art by Edwin Huang and the colors by Misty Coats really help bring the story to life and it almost feels like it would fit in well as an animated film. I picked up the Treasure Trove Volumes 1 & 2 at C2E2 and was surprised to find that there is even more content inside. Maps, scripts, even a copy of the pitch Zubkavich (or Zub) submitted to Image.  It’s an awesome book and I recommend it to everyone.

You can find it free at the aforementioned link or you can actually buy it digitally on Comixology or physically EVERYWHERE ELSE.

But their website can direct you to the best choices.