Free Comic Book Day at Pastimes Comics


This Saturday is Free Comic Book Day! And for the first time, yours truly will be spending it at a comic store signing and selling books, including my most recent book Clusterf@#k.

The store in question is Pastimes Comics in Niles, Il. I actually ended up meeting Eric, the person who invited me, because my mother was a guest on his podcast, The Nerdologues (you can listen to her episode here). I had actually been following him on Twitter beforehand so when my mother said the name of the show, I was very surprised at the coincidence. Going against type, I brought a copy of Clusterf@#k with me for him. He liked it and later asked if I’d like to come be a part of their FCBD. And the rest is history.

If you live in the Chicagoland area and are free on Saturday, come on down to the shop.

Pastimes Comics
8502 West Golf Road
Niles, Illinois 60714

Hope to see you there!


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