Well, I got back from C2E2 a little while ago and man am I pooped. Last year, I stayed at the Hyatt right next to the convention center. It was great, but this year I rode in on the train from my hometown since I don’t live that far. I didn’t realize how far away the station was from the convention center and ended up walking about 30 minutes. My feet were killing me.


But once I got to the building, everything was great. I got to see a few people that I saw last year as well as meet some new people whose work I enjoy. It was fun to talk and joke with people who write and draw the books I am inspired by. I even got a signatures from Brian Azzarello and Justin Jordan.

I bought a massive amount of books and ended up going five dollars over my budget, but it was worth it.

One highlight happened while I was eating. An elderly man came over to sit next to me and decided that he was going to take a nap. He just dropped down and went to sleep right next to me. For a minute, I was worried that he might not get up so I waited a bit while I ate my pretzel. After a few minutes, he hoped up and thanked me before walking off. It was interesting.

But I am excited to read all of the books I bought. It is great to see artists and writers working hard towards their goals because I hope to get to that level.

See you next week!