If there was one complaint people had about the book overall, it was the shift in style from Chapter 1 to Chapter 2. Dexter and Marco have extremely different styles and some of the people said it was jarring. Hopefully, this will ease you into the change better than many of my friends. Here’s the first page from Chapter 2 as drawn by Dexter.

Compare that to the original page Marco had worked on below.


The two are drastically different. I love both styles and feel like Marco’s style worked well for tone of the first issue, but once┬áthe action ramps up, it will become very apparent that Dexter’s style is more suitable. I also have to applaud Kote Carvajal who came aboard as well and provided excellent grayscales. I wouldn’t have made it through the last five chapters without them.

Get ready because things start of with a bang. Or should I say a boom?