July 17th: Jon Parrish Day

I am very excited about today, I can barely contain my excitement.


Okay, I’m not that excited (I still have control of my bodily functions and all).

Still, July 17th has a few great things happening.

1. The 6th issue of Clusterf@#k comes out and with it, the mini-series ends. It was great to see the story build and form with the help of the team. Steven Forbes helped me knock the scripts into tip-top shape so that I could present them to Diego Toro who brought a lot of life to the pages. Kote Carvajal also was able to bring the colors that would set the mood for each scene as well as provide some of his own thoughts from time to time. Last but not least, Nic was able to¬†fit all of the weird dialogue on the pages without making them distracting. Plus, he made the awesome logo that seem to just work everywhere. Everyone helped make the book much greater than the original scripts and I’m thankful for that.

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Of course, I have plans for more but for now, this is where things close.

2. The issue is accompanied my Alterna Podcast episode speaking about the book, influences, and other ramblings. We also try to talk about the book without too many spoilers and succeed (for the most part, I think). I’m glad I got to go back on because the last time had been my first podcast via skype and I was so nervous. I said definitely about 50 times and tweeted that if you took a shot for every time I said it, you’d be blackout drunk and/or have alcohol poisoning. No such luck on this episode. I only said it twice (that I can remember). Anyway, it was a fun time and hopefully, I wasn’t speaking too quickly or being ridiculous.

3. Lastly (but my leastly), I returned to Comic DNA podcast with Aaron Walther to speak about the second volume of Felipe Smith’s manga Peepo Choo. This time around, it was just Aaron and myself as Joey and Luke had other engagements. But I feel like Aaron and myself kept it entertaining enough. I shared a couple of stories from my own experiences in Japan and we talk about the parallels between Milton and Rockstar. It should be a fun listen and I hope you enjoy it.

You can hear the episode covering volume one here.

Anyway, it should be a great time all around and I hope that you enjoy the book and both episodes.

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