Strange Nation and the Cura Te Ipsum Kickstarter

Strange Nation

So, I recently picked up a book that I’ve been wanting to read for some time called Strange Nation. It was a story about a Norma Park, a reporter who ends up losing her job after trying to report on some paranormal activity. She finds herself working for a tabloid called Strange Nation. The thing is, all of the stories are true. All of them. Now, she works with the guy formerly known as Elvis and is trying to uncover mystery behind a large corporation. The thing is, she might not like what she finds.

Man, I really dug the book. Paul Allor is a damn good writer and I remember reading his Clockwork series as well as his story Orc Girl (which you should look up). It doesn’t hurt that he actually has a background in Journalism that allows him to go much deeper than the average writer. He talks about the process and the legwork that some stories usually gloss over. And since there isn’t a letterer credited, that probably means Paul lettered the book himself. No small feat! Plus, he’s from Indiana so I got to support.

Adding to this is the art of Juan Romera whose style really fits with the story in a big way. His actions scenes are really well done and he nails expressions. And he’s able to cover a range of scenes. He can do quiet beats where a character is contemplative or even sad right before going into a scene where spaceships are destroying a city. Seriously, check out this book

I don’t know if I’m doing the book enough justice, but it’s really enjoyable. So if you want something with action, sci-fi, and a little bit of fun then definitely check out Strange Nation. The digital series is on Comixology and the print version, published by IDW, is available through at your local comic shop. If you don’t have a local comic shop, you can order it off of Amazon.

Cura Te Ipsum: Year Four

A Kickstarter project that recently went live was the campaign for the fourth and penultimate volume of Cura Te Ipsum by Neal Bailey and Dexter Wee. If you’ve read Secrets & Shadows, Dexter should be no stranger to you as he did the covers and took over the interior art after the first issue. Neal and Dexter have worked on this book for years and it takes you on an amazing journey.

If you’ve never read about Cura Te Ipsum, it follows a man maned Charlie Everett who is about to commit suicide. Right before he can, he is stopped by an alternate version of himself and taken on a journey across dimensions with several different versions of himself. Sounds wild right? Well, that’s only in the first half of volume one. Things get much more complicated and even more ridiculous.

The stuff Neal comes up in the book just blows my mind and is on a level I don’t know if I can follow in my 30s and the fact that Dexter can draw these concepts just cements the fact that he is the real deal. One of the great things about this book is seeing Dexter’s art and how far it’s come since the first volume. The man is constantly working, trying new things, and improving. If Marvel or DC never put him on a project, they are fucking up. Seriously.

The story has had its ups and downs, but it is slowly coming to an end and I am excited to see how it does.

If you want to support the Kickstarter, there is a widget on the left sidebar. Or you can go here.

Be sure to check out both projects and if you like what you see, check out the Clusterf@#k Kickstarter. Both artists were gracious enough to provide pin-ups for the book.

Juan Clusterf@#k-pin-up-color
By Juan Romera
Dexter's Ezekiel
By Dexter Wee

And if you like these pin-ups, get out and support these guys. They do dope stuff.

Later Days.

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