The Mega Centurions TBP is not happening

An image of the Mega Centurions #1 cover with the words 'The Mega Centurions TPB (trade paperback) has been canceled' in red letters over it.

At the beginning of this month, I received an email from Scout announcing their new partnership with Element Global Inc. and their marketing plan for Mega Centurions in 2024 as well as the trade. In the email, it was stated that I would need to ‘reup the contract’ in order for the trade to happen.

It turns out that the plan was to release the trade in 2026. Two years from now and four years after the series had initially come out. 2026 is also the year my contract with Scout ends.

I informed them that I had already planned not to renew my contract in 2026 and that my plans hadn’t changed. If the trade being produced renewing my contract then the trade would not be happening.

So, it isn’t happening.

Apologies to anyone who was waiting on the book. It will not be happening anytime soon. Which is a shame because I think the team did a hell of a job.

Thanks to Dexter, Kote, Cristian, and Steven for building this story with me. Hopefully, we can get a finished book made down the road.

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