A Couple of Kickstarters

Well, hello there. I do hope that things are going well for you this Independence Day.

I’m still working on getting this new short up, but before that I wanted to toss out some new Kickstarters that I’ve come across that looked really interesting and thought I’d share them with you.

  1. Elements: Fire by Beyond Press
    This one has already blown through the halfway point in less than three days, but it still needs your support. Elements: Fire is an anthology that was born out of a discussion about the need for diverse creators as well as the need for diverse books. Well, the discussion eventually grew and blossomed as the people involved stopped talking and got to work. And boy, did they do work. You can find out more behind the scenes stuff here.

    Over 20 creators and more than¬†250 pages of stories is nothing to sneeze at. If it seems like something up your alley, definitely give it a look. I’ve already backed it.

  2. Enough Space For Everyone Else by Astro Monastery Media
    This Kickstarter caught my eye when it first launched but I was more focused on getting things in order
    post-St. Louis Comic Con.¬†They have almost half of their goal, but still have 12 days left. This anthology interested me because it was striving to tell space stories that didn’t fall on the same old tropes. They wanted to expand (eh,eh?) the scope of the kinds of space stories told with perhaps a little more positivity. I don’t know, I’m just on a real upbeat, friendly kick these days.

    Go give it a look and if it seems like something you’d be into, consider tossing it some money.

Well, those are two Kickstarters I think you should check out.

I hope everyone enjoys their 4th. Try to keep from setting anyone’s dumpster on fire, eh? No seriously, that happened to us a few years back and it sucked. Just melted plastic and burnt garbage everywhere. I would not recommend.

Later Days


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