Quick Check In

Well, it’s been a minute since I posted an update. Between the weekly newsletter and social media, I tend to not use this place as often. But with the latter crumbling and slowly getting worse, it might be good to utilize this site that I own and pay for more often.

This year has come and gone without much happening on the comics front. Mega Centurions: Mega No More’s last issue came out last year. I was told that the collected edition won’t be out until next year but there hasn’t been much news other than that. If you haven’t checked it out, your best bet is to grab it from the Scout Comics Website.

Most of my other comic work is either coming out next year or seemingly in limbo as it’s mainly work I did for other people. I have been working on some new stories and scripts but so far nothing is on the horizon. Honestly, it might be a bit before I can wrangle the finances and the energy to put another project together after Mega Centurions.

But I’m still plugging along and hoping to make some new stuff in the future. I don’t have anything locked down but I have three stories that I really want to get done.

I’ll try to update more frequently in the future.

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