I remember approaching Dexter about doing the interiors, but ended up going with Marco. I liked his work so much that I asked if he’d want to do covers for the book. He agreed. This was originally going to be the cover for Issue/Chapter 1. I was a big fan of 100 Bullets so I was trying to have something really artsy. My editor was against it, but I still used it for back-up material in the book. I still dig it a lot.

After things didn’t work out with Marco, I asked Dexter if he’d like to take over on the interior pages and the rest is history.

Dexter is a page-making machine. His work ethic is ridiculous and he managed to do most of the pages ahead of my own schedule while working on several other projects including Cura Te Ipsum, a webcomic written by Neal Bailey. Over 500 pages and three years of work and Dexter never misses a beat. Add the fact that in the midst of those 500 pages, flooding, rolling blackouts, AND a new baby girl, he still did over 100 pages for me like it was nothing. The guy is a workhorse.

I really appreciate all of his help and hope that you all enjoy the work he did on the next five chapters.