A Quick Disclaimer or All of My Comics Have Profanity and Violence and Stuff.

After I came home from Japan, my mother decided that she would do stand-up comedy. As a supportive mother, she has often shouted out my comic in the hopes that people would want to read it. Sadly, she doesn’t understand that when she says comics, people think Superman, Spider-Man, and other kid friendly books. Because of this I feel I should mention that my comics have some strong language. How strong? The first page has the s-word in it and there are a fair sprinkling¬†of f-bombs . There’s also violence. A minimal amount, but it can get pretty graphic (people being choked with sand and stabbed).

Even my cleanest comic has at least one s-word in it.

So, I just wanted to make sure that I put up a disclaimer saying that if you don’t like your kids reading four-letter words and people getting stabbed, this probably isn’t the ¬†book for them.

I’m just trying not to get angry e-mails.


(Please don’t send me angry e-mails. I can’t handle confrontation and will cry.)

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