Clusterf@#k #5 and TriCon West Virginia

In case you were not aware, the penultimate fifth issue of Clusterf@#k came out yesterday and boy was there a lot of action on those pages! A lot of fire and a couple explosions, as well.

Clusterf@#k #5_Page_05

Clusterf@#k #5_Page_08

It is available on Comixology, right now. Go check it out. Do it!

Also, I will be attending TriCon in Huntington, West Virginia this Saturday! I will be sitting at table 39 with Aaron Walther, writer of Zeroes Heroes and co-host of the ComicDna Podcast with Luke Moritz. If that podcast sounds familiar, it’s because I was a guest on an episode talking about I Kill Giants (which I’ve included below).

I recently rejoined them to discuss the amazing Nextwave: Agents of H.A.T.E (look at the link, cry, and then find a digital copy), but that episode won’t be out until after the convention. Obviously, I will post a link or embed the podcast once it has gone up.

Anyway, I will have print copies of all six issues of Secrets & Shadows, a black and white copy of Clusterf@#k #1, and print copies of Someday.

Hope to see you there!

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