Comic DNA Podcast: Peepo Choo

I was invited on Comic DNA for a third time to talk about Volume 1 of Peepo Choo by Felipe Smith.  This project is actually something I’ve been waiting to do since last year. In truth, this is first story Aaron contacted me about covering back in December.

As many people know, I spent two years in Japan teaching English. Because of this, Aaron contacted me to bring my perspective on Japan. We were also joined by Luke’s friend Joey, who was stationed at an Air Force base near Tokyo to bring his perspective as well.

It’s a longer podcast, but we cover a lot of ground. I also went on a couple tangents that ate up some of the time.

We only cover the first volume this time around, but we are planning on doing the other two in the coming months.



How cool is that? Thanks to Felipe Smith for listening.

Be sure to check out Peepe Choo and his run on All New Ghost Rider and the upcoming Ghost Racers.

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