No News Is Good News

Things have been quiet, but that is only because I am working behind the scenes to get things put together.

Clusterf@#k #6 comes out next month which is great because it will mark the end of my second miniseries (though I have definite plans to follow-up on the story). It was a wild ride and maybe after it’s over, I will write a post about why it was so necessary for me to write.

In other news, I finally put up the option to buy the entire Secrets & Shadows series on my store. It’s essentially a discount as buying each individual issue would cost 17.94 (plus S+H). The full┬áseries costs 17.00 even (plus S+H). That’s roughly a dollar less! If you haven’t picked up the series, you can now pick up all six issues.

I guess that’s news (which negates the title) but I’m too lazy to change it.

Later Days.


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