Kickstarter Update: Mistakes and Repairs

So I ended up making a mistake on my Kickstarter. In setting up the reward tiers, I didn’t put shipping costs for US backers because the cost was factored into the book. But what I didn’t understand is that by doing this, I ended up making it so that US Backers would have to pay International Costs. Because of this, there were a few people that were probably turned away from buying the book due to the high shipping cost as well as people who still wanted to support me and ended up paying way too much.

As such, I went through and did my best to fix the situation but some of the rewards couldn’t be fixed. Instead, I had to make three new reward tiers for US BACKERS ONLY that has the correct shipping cost for US BACKERS.

This only applies to the $25, $28, and $32 tiers. I was able to go in and fix all of the other tiers.

So, if you checked out the Kickstarter and felt like the shipping cost was too high, the problem has been fixed.

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