December and Beyond

Things have been quiet here and that’s been because I’m pushing to get projects ready for 2017 (some new and some not so new).

First, I’m putting a few short crime stories I’ve written into a collection called Career Criminals. It will be collecting Job SecurityProfessionalism, and New Management. I was lucky enough to get Eduardo Jimenez, the artist on Professionalism, to do the cover for the collection.

Next, I am finally collecting Secrets & Shadows into a trade paperback book. I know, it’s been a long time coming and I am finally ready to get it put together.

I also have a couple new stories on the horizon including one with the Clusterf@#k art team of Diego Toro and Kote Carvajal. It’s called Con-Troll and it follows two security guards trying to keep order at a convention after a guest meets his biggest troll.

Diego has already provided a couple character layouts. Enjoy.

Unlike most of my other stories, this probably won’t be on the website but I will have updates as to where it will be available.

Another project I’m looking to get started on is a new miniseries that will basically be my take on the Power Rangers. I’ve been knocking it around for at least a year and I realize that there’s no time like the present. Look out for more updates on that as well.

Hoping that things are well and excited for 2017 (comic wise, anyway).

Later Days

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