Been Awhile

Man, it’s been some time since I dropped a post here. Five months to be exact. This year has been a lot and things got away from me. At first, it was because I was working on some new stuff and getting ready for conventions, but then the website got hacked and was down for a LONG time. But things are back up and running like normal again.

A bunch of stuff has happened since May. I ended up going to a wedding in California for a friend I worked with in Japan. ConTroll got translated and published by a Chilean publisher before making it’s debut at FIC Santiago. I am also working on a new book with Dexter Wee.

Most recently, I was the guest author for the 2017 Indianapolis Literary Pub Crawl which was a big deal. Everyone that attended got a copy of Clusterf@#k with their ticket and the event sold out with over 140 tickets. That’s at least 140 new people who own Clusterf@#k. I did a live reading of Chapter 1 (with voices for each character) and it went really well.

Next up, I am tabling at CountICon in Lack County, Illinois. I’ve never done that show but I hope it will be a good time.

2017 is almost over and I think I overextended myself in the middle, but I am hoping to finish strong and get things in place so that 2018 is fantastic.

I apologize for the lack of updates and I will try to make them much more frequent.


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