Indie Comix Expo in Chicago

I sat C2E2 out this year for multiple reasons (though it is still my favorite convention to attend).

Instead, I went to the Indie Comix Expo a few blocks down from McCormick Place at Reggie’s Rock Bar. I’d heard about the show through a Facebook Group and supported the Kickstarter, gaining an early admission ticket. I think it was funded before I left for TriCon.

It was put together by King Bone Press and there were going to be performances by Mega Ran, Cochise Soulstar, and Adam WarRock.

The trip started off interesting because I ended up taking the train and got to watch a WWE Tour pass by the platform. It was then that I realized that I’d forgotten my camera.

When I got to Chicago, I realized that I wasn’t used to the area around McCormick Place and ended up going the wrong way toward Reggie’s. I managed to figure it out and still get there early. When I got there the people were still setting up and Mega Ran was doing the sound check. I walked around and talked to Mario Colao of 1MoreRound Entertainment before hopping down to the bar and letting people get set up.

I hadn’t eaten so I went down to the bar to grab something to eat. The food at Reggie’s is really good. Compliments to the chef. I had a quesadilla and it was just what the doctor ordered. Other people also said the food was good so if you’re in Chicago, go check out Reggie’s.

Once the show started, I tried to talk to everyone and pick up at least one thing from every table. I met a lot of creators including Jennie Wood, the writer of Flutter (which has a Kickstarter you should consider backing), Andy Jewett, Tyrell Cannon, Ed Siemienkowicz, and Jacob Kearney.

Halfway though I realized my mistake. I forgot to bring my backpack. So I’m carrying all of these books around and thinking that I’m going to have to carry them when Jacob offers me a plastic bag to carry the books in. That was pretty nice. That way I didn’t have to juggle everything every instant I wanted to check out someone’s books. So thanks, Jacob!

At some point there was a panel and then an interview with Ed Brisson. It was decent, but at times it was hard to hear because it was in the bar area. But I think next year, they plan to have all of the stuff in the area where the creators were.

Mega Ran took the stage, then Cochise Soulstar, and Adam WarRock closed out the show. Each guy did their thing and while I had heard of Mega Ran and Adam WarRock, it was the first time I’d heard their music. Man, they killed it. I enjoyed all of the performances. The only thing I didn’t like is that some guys upstairs were shit-talking the rappers while they were performing. I don’t know who it was, but that really pissed me off. Hopefully, that person or people will not be back next year. Of course, they didn’t really kill the mood and the energy stayed high.

At the end of the night, I went back to shake hands and tell people it was nice to meet them. Randomly, I ended up running into a guy from Hammond and he offered me a ride. I could tell that I’ve been watching too much Investigation Discovery shows because even though I said yes, I immediately thought “please don’t murder me”. Luckily, he was a cool dude who had a real love for comics and nerd culture. He actually raps and gave me his CD. His name is Ambush Vin and you should check out his stuff.

I probably forgot some stuff, but overall I had a great time. I think seeing people working in your field and working through the same struggles helps to let me know that I’m on the right track. It was a dope experiment and I hope that when the next one rolls around, I can attend as a vendor.

Later Days

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