Time Is Running Out To Back Urban Archer and Abracadiva On Kickstarter

If you’ve read my past posts, the name Aaron Walther should be familiar to you. I’ve been a guest on his Comic DNA podcast three times (with the third podcast going up in the near future) and he was the one who invited me to Tri State Comic-Con. It was there that I met Chris McJunkin, the artist of Zero’s Heroes. Well, Aaron and Chris have a Kickstarter for a new comic called Urban Archer and Abracadiva. It is a spin-off of sorts from their main series and follows the two title characters. Aaron’s description is below:

Urban Archer is an ex cop turned superhero.  His psychic visions have always given him a tactical advantage in both solving crimes and meting out two fisted justice, but lately he has been plagued by visions of his own death.  More troubling, the visions also contain the death of a beautiful woman he’s never met.

Abracadiva is an ex pop singer turned superhero who has recently joined the world’s premier superhero team, Aegis.  Although she has left the life of superstardom behind, she still finds herself trapped in the limelight as the new face of social equality and women’s rights while struggling to learn the ins and outs of being a superhero.

When a serial killer terrorizes the streets of San Francisco, Aegis sends their newest recruit, Abracadiva, to investigate.  Meanwhile, San Francisco detective Tony Gubitosi has asked his ex partner, the vigilante known as the Urban Archer, to help catch the killer.  When Urban Archer and Abracadiva meet for the first time while trying to solve the case, the two rookie superheroes realize that their lives will be forever changed.

A superhero romance set in 1970s San Francisco? What’s not to love?

The Kickstarter is in its final days and in need of some serious backing. If this sounds like something you would like to read, consider backing it before it’s too late.

Later Days

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