Some Kickstarters For Thought

Every now and then, I try to back Kickstarters for comics that I think are interesting. However, I can’t afford to give money to every one I come across. But what I can do is raise awareness for comic Kickstarters that I find interesting. So, here are a couple I’ve either backed or found interesting.

1. The Standard Ultimate Collection Hardcover by John Lees and Jonathan Rector (Comixtribe)

THE STANDARD is the story of two men from different eras who share the same heroic legacy. In the past, The Standard was the world’s greatest superhero. Today, he is a celebrity with his own reality TV show. But when a catastrophic event brings the two generations into collision, The Standard is forced to ask if superheroes still have a place in today’s cynical world.

I remember reading the first issue when it first came out and wanting to see how the story ended. It took a bit longer than expected, there were gaps between issues, but I managed to get all of the issues. I have to say that I really enjoyed the story. The plot is not completely new, but the execution is and I think that it what hooked me. Hopefully, you like what you see.

Plus, it hit its initial goal of $8,600 in 36 hours. It’s funded. If you back it, you automatically get a prize. This isn’t Comixtribe’s first Kickstarter and they are usually very good about getting rewards out. So if you like it, check it out. If not, don’t.

And, on a quick aside, John Lees reviewed Secrets & Shadows way back in 2013. So, it’s cool to see all of the great stuff that is happening for him.

2. Cash & Carrie by Shawn Pryor, Giulie Speziani, and Penny Candy Studios (Crowntaker)

Dallas Cash is an investigator and tenacious techie who believes in the supernatural, and Inez Carrie is an investigator as well as the captain of the wrestling team who bases her crime solving skills in realism. Together, they are best friends who attempt to solve mysteries for schools all around the world.

While I don’t have any works that are suitable for children, I do believe that all-ages comic books are very important. The comic books that I grew up on were meant for children and sparked my imagination. They taught positive lessons and made me want to become a writer. I also think that representation in comics is very important (which should be no surprise). Not only so that kids from ethnic minorities can see themselves in the medium that the love, but also to help kids who are in the majority identify with someone that looks and acts differently than they do.

So imagine my surprise when news about this Kickstarter slid across my twitter feed. The creator Shawn Pryor worked as President at Action Lab, a comic book company known for publishing PrinceLess (another great all-ages book people should read) and knows a thing or two about the business. In fact, the company used Kickstarter to make the company a reality.

Like The Standard, this Kickstarter was funded way before the deadline so you are guaranteed your reward.

If it looks like something you would be into, check it out.

3. New World: A Sci-Fi/Fantasy Anthology

New World is a 360-page black-and-white anthology of fantasy and sci-fi comics for readers 15 years old and up. It’s a book about culture clash: what happens when civilizations meet.

While this looks interesting, I have backed a lot of books already so I might not back this one. However, I can’t deny that it has an interesting concept and that I would definitely read it.

Once again, the book hit its goal days ago so if Sci-Fi/Fantasy is something you are into, check it out.

That’s all for now, but I hope to do more of these because there are tons of books out there that need support and to be shared so that the people craving something different from the Big Two can see that there is something for everyone.

And just to be safe, check out the comics section of Kickstarter. Who knows, maybe you’ll find the book that changes your life.

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