Here We Are At the End of 2021

Realizing that the last post was December 30, 2020 and feel like I need to do better in 2022. This website has been long neglected. Still, I thought I’d take time to share some of the thoughts on 2021 I had in my weekly newsletter.

For very obvious reasons, 2021 mainly just felt like a continuation of last year. Spending a lot of time at home and taking a lot of the same precautions, etc. Like a sequel no one asked for but we got anyway. It wasn’t great but it wasn’t terrible. Luckily, there were some variations from last year and a lot of positive updates.

Mega Centurions: Mega No More

For one, Mega Centurions is finished! It took some years but we were finally able to get everything done and in the can last month. Not only that, but I pitched the book to a comic publisher and it got picked up. So expect to see some news once the announcement comes down the pipeline early next year! No one knows what will happen with things as they are, but I’m excited for next year in one regard.

I also got to write another issue of Salty Roos. I hit the road for the first time since 2019 in order to help a colleague with some Kickstarter reward packing. On top of that, I got to talk to friends that I hadn’t seen in years. While things were far from perfect, I feel like I’m ending a better place than where I was this time last year.
In some ways, 2021 feels like it was also a year of helping clear the way for bigger opportunities in 2022. Mega Centurions took up a lot of my mental space even when we weren’t actively working on it. Having it done and in place at a publisher who will be taking care of certain things will be a big weight off of my shoulders for next year. It might open up space to work on some smaller projects and open new horizons. Perhaps branch out into some non-comic writing. Who knows? Of course, some new world-altering event could be on the horizon but I’m keeping my hopes up.
2021 wasn’t a great, but there were enough small victories to keep me going and hopeful for 2022.

But I’ll be so pissed if an asteroid or the zombie apocalypse happens before Mega Centurions hits stores next summer.

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