Letting You Know Who I Am

If you somehow ended up here, hello.

I don’t know how you got here, but thanks for checking out the place. I apologize for the lack of content. The past few years have been a bit rough.

My name is Jon Parrish and I am a comic book writer.

I have been writing comic books for nearly ten years. While I’ve mainly worked on my own stuff, I have written for others as well.

As of right now, my most notable work was probably Clusterf@#k from 2016 with Diego Toro, Kote Carvajal, Nic Shaw, and Steven Forbes doing the edits.

Clusterf@#k (2016)

I’ve also wrote a few issues for a comic called Salty Roos with Kote and Diego as well as had a short story in the horror anthology Tales from the Cryptic Closet #2 drawn by Julio Guerra.

I am currently finishing up my newest project, Mega Centurions: Mega No More with Dexter Wee. It has gone through it’s ups and downs but it’s looking like it will be hitting stores in 2022. It currently has a publisher attached but I’m waiting for the announcement. Hopefully, people will check it out.

Mega Centurions: Mega No More

There are other things in the works. Other comics and the like but this is just a brief look at what I’m doing.

I also have a weekly newsletter I’ve been doing for nearly six years now. I talk about a little bit of everything including making comics, stories from my life, and plugging Kickstarters. If that sounds like something you’d be interested in, check it out:

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